Persuasion Tips To Improve My Life.

How can you use persuasion tips to improve your life? You can use persuasion to improve your social life and your interactions with your co-workers.   

Let’s break down these 3 persuasion tips

Persuasion Tip One: Social proof 

This is a concept by Robert Cialdini in his book Influence where people will be willing to see something more positive if they see that other people are also interested in it.

Payless Shoes did an experiment where they created a fake high-end store and sold regular shoes marked up to hundreds of dollars.

My post “How to host a group event” creates the type of vibe around you.

It will make you more attractive to others if they see people around you that you are making laugh and having a good time.

Persuasion Tip 2: Consistency

This is a persuasion tip to use at the beginning of conversations. People feel the need to be consistent with the way they perceive themselves.

One of my opening lines to soften someone up is to say, “You seem like a nice and generous person” to someone who has a guard up.

They will think to themselves that they are nice and generous and will behave in that manner.

This takes practice, I used to use this with bartenders at a busy night (along with tipping well) to say “Even though you guys are slammed it looks like you are having fun!”.

This helped me with getting quicker service because I took care of them (generous tip) and I got them into a better mood.

Persuasion Tip 3: Authority

Authority persuasion tip is when appearing to be a professional help get your way.

Think of doctors or police, with them being in uniform people will just assume that they have authority and will listen without little resistance.

persuasion tips to improve your life

Bonus Tip :

This bonus tip is more about your mindset. It is to look for the right buyer.

Think of it as filtering out people who aren’t looking for what you are trying to sell them.

If you are not looking for a new car, why would a seller spend any time trying to sell you a car?

Don’t feel as though there is something wrong with you if someone isn’t showing interest in you then simply move on, there is much more out there.