Are You Going Nowhere In Life?

Are you on your going Nowhere in life? You won’t realize you’re heading that way until you see the welcome sign.

This post is more of a reminder for myself, the Urbngentleman, than the audience.

Beware! Do not read if you’re incapable of introspection.

Are You Going Nowhere In Life?

You won’t even know when you decided to go to the town of Nowhere.

Nowhere is a town sort of like a dead end, but a dead end sounds like you will reach the end.

The city of Nowhere is a place that you don’t ever reach you just get closer and closer to the middle of the city.

It’s a long drive to get into Nowhere, but first, you must pass these few towns.
  1. Excuse City
  2. Comfort valley
  3. Lost Potential-ville

You approach Excuse City first, where their main export are excuses for why you didn’t follow through. 

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I am too tired today.”

“I have to take of this other stuff first.”

In Comfort Valley, you’ll say to yourself the following:

“I’ll just sleep in today.”

“I’ll have some soda for lunch.”

“I don’t want to walk too much.”

Finally, Lost Potential-ville.

A city with a few sculptures of what you could have been had you stuck with the hard stuff and crushed your excuses.

A good example of someone on their way to Nowhere.

A regular person does nothing wrong starting at an entry-level job. Still, instead of developing other skills to improve their situation, they spend their free time watching hours of TV, gaming, and lost days partying.

This person is on the way to Nowhere. If they don’t make changes in their life long term, the wasted hours will catch up with them, and they will get stuck at a job with no upward opportunities.

Then, slowly, bad eating habits and lack of exercise catch up and lead to quality of life issues and a lack of confidence, which will leak into all other aspects of your life.

All the easy ways out you never thought of lead you deeper into Nowhere.

Book Recommendation:

Atomic Habits is a good book for understanding how small actions can have a big impact on one’s life.

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