Learn The Unwritten Rules Of Life

What Is Ethereal Beauty?

This artist depicted an Etheral beauty through his paintings.  I remember when I first learned of the word Ethereal. In my high school French class, we were assigned a paper on any French artist we would like. I didn’t want to do a painter because everyone was doing that, boring. French musician? Is that such …

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What Do I Do If My Pants Are Too Long?

I can’t believe I have to make this post, but my shorter colleagues are missing the benefits of just a small investment. I observe small details about people (be observant), making it easier for me to spot something and build a connection. Unfortunately my shorter guys out there, the mass-produced jeans, chinos, and dress pants …

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Transforming Negative Thoughts into Positive Outcomes.

persuasion tips to improve your life

Similar to implementing persuasion tactics, actively transforming negative thoughts and moving yourself forward in a positive direction separates high-level performers from average individuals. My goal with these posts is to help people improve their lives through subtle reframes and mindset shifts, transforming negative thoughts (such as those from a stressful day) as opportunities to move …

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Spy-Inspired Success: Mastering Social Situations with Calm Confidence

What type of person did you admire growing up? As a small child watching a spy movie or TV show, what characters popped out to you and grabbed your attention? Now that you’re in a later stage, do you ever think back to those times and wonder why you admired those characters?  Here’s how you …

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Project U-Gentleman 

We finally decided to start this blog spot where I can talk about my different experiences in my career, relationships, and nightlife. I spent most of my time exploring different restaurants, breweries, and other areas around the world. This will serve as a place where I can share my perspective and insight on different topics, …

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