Mastering The Art Of The Vibe: Office Fun

My team had recently brought in a few recent college graduate engineers (as if being an engineer doesn’t scream lacking social skills).

I normally don’t care for these new hires because many of them do not last very long (Machiavelli could learn a thing or two from my leadership).

But, as I observed them a little more whilst pouring a cup of black coffee. I noticed a particular thing.

The office assistant approached (she’s very approachable) and casually asked them, 

“Did you guys do anything fun this weekend?” – Cute Office Assistant

As in life there are many right answers to situations/problems, and what was said in response was all the wrong ones.

“Stayed home and played video games.” – No game gerald

Geez, talk about a vibe killer.

How can we expect anything more than an “Oh cool” from the poor girl?

When a girl asks something like this or “How is your day going?” they don’t actually care about the logical response.

I would have said:

“It was disco night at my local church so we had a silent disco dance in the parking lot” – Urbngentleman

I know what you’re thinking and, no this has never been an actual thing that I have done or am remotely interested in. 

The point is that it’s such a crazy thing to hear that it will get a reaction from her and even though it’s not true it will get a laugh setting up the “vibe”.

You have to set up your punches (have you seen the Joshua Vs. Ngonou fight)

Mastering The Art Of The Vibe: Office Fun

Girls enjoy a playful vibe and environment.

You want to have girls around you as much as possible. It’s not always to just sleep with them, but because of how other people will view you.

Other G’s in the office will respect you because you have game. 

Other ladies will see you as more attractive because you will constantly have ladies around you just laughing.

The point is to not take things very serious especially when it’s a very casual setting and practice setting up the vibe. 

I will touch on the rest of it once the set up is there, so stay tuned.

Best is yet to come – UrbnGentleman

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