City of Angels: LA’s 30 Million Dollar Robbery

City of Angels: LA’s 30 Million Dollar Bank Robbery

According to the Los Angeles Times, this 30 million dollar bank robbery is one of the largest cash heists in the City of Angels history.

What Would It Take To Pull Off This Robbery?

There are many movies where the whole plot revolves around a gang plotting the biggest cash heist their crew has ever pulled off.

Think of the movie Heat that is set in Los Angeles.

LA Bank Robbery Example

I want to give you three real life takeaways to use from this real life event.

1. Preparing for the robbery:

In order to pull off a 30 million dollar bank robbery, there will be intense preparation that will happen that could last for months to years in some cases.

In many movies there are scenes when surveillance, blueprints, and risk management take place.

One day you may be assigned to do an important talk to leadership.

This means planning starts days before, and that will give you that sense of confidence you need.

Talk about handling life’s challenges.

2. Obsessing over the 30 million dollar goal

There is nothing else that the group thought about other than executing on the plan they spent months preparing for.

There’s a whole different mindset in play hear, that does not include doom scrolling or wasting time on the latest celeberaty gossip.

Not one of these individuals is acting like an NPC.

3. Confidence Executing Bank Robbery

The day has arrived for them and by what has been all over the news is that it’s a clean get away.

With the extreme preperation that has taken place to put them in the best possible position they were very calm and confident.


Probably the same guys who executed on the $150 million dollar jewlery robbery a while back.

Enjoy your time in Mexico boys!

City of Angels: LA’s 30 Million Dollar Robbery