How To Host A Group Event

It will be a theme of my blog to describe some of my nights out so that you can learn what a real night is.

I took a trip back to Salt Lake, Utah, where I went over some of the spots I had gone to. People enjoyed the article even though I say at the end that I do not recommend going as the central part of your trip.

I have been experimenting with bringing together different people that I’ve met throughout my many nights out(networking experiment).

If you don’t have more friends, check this post out on being a better you.

What’s the point of meeting all these exciting people if I don’t connect them all? This is how business gets done, and you can get more out of it. 

I will teach you how to do group (4+ people) outings here. I usually do not go out with more than one person. Very rarely, it is 3-4 people. 

It’s hard to make moves in a bigger crowd.

In order to do a group event well, you will need to pick locations that are bar settings. Please do not take people to a sit-down restaurant (jump off a cliff if that was your first thought).

First thing: Ignore the self-doubt.

You will have the doubt in your head that the random group of friends you bring together are not going to like each other at all.

Another doubt you will have is what if no one shows up. 

That doubt will always be there not just for this scenario, but this will always creep up and it’s important to face this doubt.

Very rarely will people not like each other when you bring them together, and if no one shows up, then who cares? You should be experiencing going out solo.

It’s all about how you handle life’s challenges

Second: Finding locations for a group environment.

When scoping out locations for a group event, date, or solo outing, I look for a place with multiple locations within walking distance.

If the vibe is off at the first location you decided to go to, then you can easily move to the next spot on your list.

When I was looking for my first spot, I found a brewery (they are everywhere now) because it is order at the bar service with some tables and a lot of open space (No sit down restaurants).

There are also a few more within walking distance that we can always easily migrate to.

I do not drink as much beer anymore (estrogen bombs), but people do enjoy a nice brewery vibe.

Third: Hosting the event.

Inviting people out means that you will need to be putting in a little bit of work.

Anytime someone new joins the group the first thing to do is introduce them to the others. Tell them where you know each of the members of the group from.

Set the vibe that your guests are welcome and safe.

I typically buy their first round, catch up for a second, and continue talking to everyone so no one feels left out.

The Return:

I do this because I enjoy people’s company. I am a social creature, and as far as anyone knows I am a W2 normie.

There is an upside to this. I noticed that after my first few times inviting people out and making sure they had a good time, I started to get invited to other exciting stuff from the people I was bringing out.

At these events it’s easier to meet girls to go out with because being invited meant I was being vouched for as a normal guy (not a creep). 

I’ve also met people with memberships to private lounges behind secret doors in shitty bars that local business owners and politicians frequent. I also can’t forget the invitations to suites at big games.

There is always an upside to doing things where the first instinct is to doubt your abilities. There is a lesson in there.

Since it is the holidays, I came across this x-mas themed Wu mixtape.

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