What Are The Unspoken Rules of Life?

The unspoken rules of life are unspoken because if you’re about it, then you don’t have to announce it. 

I am saying these things because many individuals can not see the subtle hints behind social interactions, especially in an office setting.

Unspoken rule 1:

People who are the boss don’t say they are the boss. It’s an attitude that will be felt during your time around them.

Industry leaders or even local leaders don’t announce that they have arrived. It is felt and seen by how they are greeted and looked after when walking in.

In the movie Casino Henry walks into the restaurant with his date and he is then given VIP service, a backdoor entrance avoiding all the regular people and getting the front of the stage table.

If someone has to announce they are the boss you should take that as a signal they are not a boss.

Unspoken rule 2:

Stop posting every uncommon thing that happens in your life. 

People flexing a lifestyle are flexing because it’s not a normal part of their day. (Tinder Swindler)

Think about the people who post their trips. It’s not every day that they go on a trip.

Most people need to flex a lifestyle because that’s not what they normally do.

Unspoken rule 3:

Don’t record every single moment in your life.

High-status individuals don’t record every moment because it’s just their normal life.

If you ever get invited to a dinner or social event with high-status individuals, don’t pull your phone out to record videos if it is in the early stages of meeting everyone.

Act like you’ve been there before

Why would anyone want to be recorded when trying to speak honestly and open?

What Are The Unspoken Rules of Life?


Being about it doesn’t mean you have to tell people you’re about it.

When I first started getting in the ring, I had to fight the urge to tell people that I was fighting because it was still new, and I wanted everyone to know.

Most of my new clients while I was a personal trainer would consistently post their gym session and I noticed it’s because they don’t go to the gym regularly and it’s a novelty.

Getting into corporate in my early years I noticed I would continue to get invited to things while my peers did not and I was finally told that the CEO said he likes that I never tried to record every second of our outings.

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