What Is The Quickest Way To Improve?

Do you want to know the quickest way to improve in anything in your life?

Improving aspects of your life and in the quickest way possible will always take some time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce that time by even half?

I’ve noticed a lot of high-level individuals do a few things consistently to improve their skills and be high skilled individuals.

During my time in sales (most stressful times), my mentor would ask me how my calls and consultations went.

I being a young dumb kid would simply reply with “Good” even when I would make a sale.

He immediately snapped back at me and taught me my first lesson of becoming a high skilled individual.

The one thing these high skilled and high-value individuals do is the following:

One, Self-Coaching:

Develop the muscle of self-coaching and you will reduce the time it will take you to develop any skill you’re intentionally trying to develop. 

You want to become a high skilled individual and that is going to take you consistently thinking over every interaction you have or email you send and always questioning what you could have done better.

For the next week, after any conversation with anyone, ask yourself what you could have done better.

If it was a conversation with a girl you met at the coffee shop, ask yourself what went well, what you did bad, and what you could have done better.

Two, Record Your Interactions:

This one is harder than the self-coaching because depending on where you are it might be illegal to do this.

We would have recordings of our phone calls at the sales place or in other places I would ask for permission to record our video calls.

Hearing yourself speak from a recording you can more easily pick up where you can improve.

I would also find creative ways to get recordings of myself speaking or interacting with people.

Seeing how your face reacts to certain things and how your body changes will be easy things you can improve.

Three, Be Intentional:

If you do the two things above then you will be doing step three by default to become a high skilled and high value individual.

When doing your practice reps they need to be intentional and always in the moment.

Be intentional when trying to implement the improvements you discovered while doing steps one and two.

Doing the same thing and not intentionally implementing the feedback you gathered for yourself will only frustrate you in the end.

This will definitely be a lonely path for many of you but what’s worse is to never improve and build confidence or be lonely but continuously feel like you are leaving your NPC tendencies behind.