Who is URBN Gentleman?

URBN Gentleman was a project I had cooking in my head for a while. 

At first, I thought URBN Gentleman would be a way for me to make tons of money.

If you are anything like me, when you’re not making progress you form self-destructive behaviors.

General manager was going to be the next step if I continued bartending.

I had to pivot into tech at a start-up where I received major responsibility (URBN Gentleman job description).

I worked at a few different start-ups that had no choice but to give me this responsibility, allowing me to make up time to get higher-paying positions.

I also gained tons of quick software development experience because I always worked with engineering department heads.

We want to share that with you all, using my experience to maneuver my way into higher-paying positions, lead key projects, and especially avoid layoffs.

Some may say it is manipulation (Influence), but it does not harm people. It was more beneficial for the company I led these projects.

Most moves result from indirect influence, PLANTING SEEDS. 

There was a higher-paying position I knew was opening soon. I started to drop a few hints to people subtly saying I was planning on starting a certification program.

My boss would eventually find out get it paid for along with the promotion once I finished.


After a new CEO hounded me for project updates and insignificant tasks, I knew I had to stop this.

Easy, go on the offense. So I went on the offense and went to him in person, giving him updates (Office Politics).

Once he realized he wasn’t getting what he wanted, he would then leave me alone.

The majority of moves aren’t you directly telling people what to do.

I want to share my experiences at start-ups and even on nights out.

Who is URBN Gentleman?
Make Moves


The selfish reason for starting URBN Gentleman is that I now have a place to practice my writing and communication skills in my everyday life with people.

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– URBN Gentleman