Plant Of The Apes: Is War A Natural State Of Any Specie?

Planet of the Apes was a great movie when it first came out, but the more recent films do a good job of showing Caesar’s character development.

When I first saw the first movie, I thought is war just part of any human species’ narrative?

Look at America it has been at war for something crazy like 93% of its total existence.

Some of my favorite movies to watch are war movies. Think Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, and Black Hawk Down.

The characters portrayed as heroes, always made me think.

“How would I react if I was ever put into a situation like that (middle of a war)?”

I kept this question in my back pocket to keep the conversation going in my early days when I would go out (thought-provoking). This is not the usual question for a girl but if you build it up right it can be.

Even with simulated training, some people are not made for life and death situations or high stress environments.

Another scenario I think of is how I would react if I had to stand up for what I knew was right.

Would I help someone even if being caught meant I would be killed?

Saying “yes, I would still help,” is easy to say when I am not in that scenario.

It’s easy to say you will be brave if you ever get thrown to war. I believe some people have it and others do not.

This is true for anything, some are born to be the greatest closers, killers, or leaders.

Some can be taught, but they can never be the greatest.

And others will never realize that people with these extraordinary capabilities even exist.