Transforming Negative Thoughts into Positive Outcomes.

Similar to implementing persuasion tactics, actively transforming negative thoughts and moving yourself forward in a positive direction separates high-level performers from average individuals.

My goal with these posts is to help people improve their lives through subtle reframes and mindset shifts, transforming negative thoughts (such as those from a stressful day) as opportunities to move forward.

Reframe 1:

Despite being severely bullied throughout his childhood in South Africa, a part of Elon Musk’s life goes unnoticed.

One day, he got into it with his bullies, and he ended up in a hospital. He also suffered psychological abuse from his father.

He had every excuse to succumb to all these negative thoughts and give up on life.

Instead, Musk shifted his focus from negativity to teaching himself everything about the first developed computers.

Now he continues to take everything that life throws at him and push forward to get people onto Mars.

Reframe 2:

Another famous example of a negative becoming a positive is when Apple famously fired Steve Jobs as the CEO.

Now he could have continued being negative and would have been fine considering he had a pretty successful company and would not have had to worry about money.

He instead reframed his negative situation and turned it into a positive by starting 2 new companies.

One of the companies, PIXAR, caught the attention of Apple the very company that fired him, and they bought it. 

Reframe 3:

A better-known example of turning negative thoughts into a positive outcome is one of the greatest to play basketball and that’s Michael Jordan.

Imagine being cut from high school basketball and letting the negativity overcome you so much that your path to greatness ends there.

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Negative thoughts after an event are part of the game. Taking losses is part of being human.

The worst thing that can happen to you 99% of the time is something you can recover from.

The only thing you can’t recover from is dying, but that should go without saying.

The best is yet to come!