What does it mean to have a stressful day?

Have you had to deal with real chaos where it feels like there is an invisible fire closing in? 

You are sweaty but you haven’t moved from your desk.

You are breathing heavy wondering what happened to today after the morning was starting off slow.

You doubt yourself wondering if you are even qualified to handle these situations. Clients? You are not supposed to be handling the business side?

Walking through a subway.

It all started with a text in the morning from your VP.

“Check your email”

4 urgent emails from a client saying our website is down and patients are not able to make purchases. 

Everyone is hounding you to respond to the client while the CEO asks (the nice version) “What is the situation and what are we doing to fix it?”

The CEO is asking everyone the same thing but I am the one who knows what’s happening. 

Everyone is crowding me to get information to give back to the CEO.

I tell everyone to back off I’ll be sending an update shortly. (Time will be wasted if I try and explain something and I don’t want the wrong information to be given to the boss man)

As I craft my message to both our internal team and the clients, there are key points I want to be sure to include. 

  1. Establish a timeline: at 855 X problem was reported by the client….
  2. What is the issue and root cause: the issue that was being reported is XYZ and the cause was due to system 123….
  3. The solution and expected time to be deployed: in order to fix said problem we will need to do X and we expect to have everything back to normal by time.

I was the wolf among sheep because I was the only person to keep my cool. 

Everyone else was panicking because the CEO was ripping everyone in his path.

If the building is burning your first instinct should be to run out, not freeze up and get burned to ashes.

Nothing else matters. I needed to get an update out ASAP and start to work with the team on the fix.

During the meeting after everything is fixed, people will usually start pointing fingers.

To make it easy I jump on the knife, but only after a few people start tossing the blame around hot potato. 

Accepting blame in this case helped me because I was newer and showed high ups I was willing to take ownership of something. (check out my last popular post

These moments if you can recognize will separate you from the pack, you will be far ahead on people’s minds to take over important projects, etc..