What Is Intense Realism?

Intense realism is seeing things as they are and not what you want them to be.

A concept like this has been talked about in many different ways.

I learned that I need to read concepts and mental models in different ways before I understand them.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius has a whole philosophy of stoicism which is accepting life as they are and only focusing on what you can control.

In short, a major part of stoicism is life events are neither bad nor good, but they just are and the way you react to these events is where your real power comes from.

Have you ever seen people who experience a tragic event, end up seeing it as a blessing?

Grant Cardone, for one, battled addiction for many years of his life and decided to change his life.

I didn’t fully understand stoicism until I read this line from Robert Greene’s book The 50th Law.

“See Things For What They Are. – Intense Realism”

Let me explain it this way.

You were cheated on by your significant other, they made a choice, whatever the reasoning you try to come up with.

The simple fact is that they cheated.

Is it good or bad? If you let yourself be upset and self-destruct then it’s a negative.

Then wouldn’t it be positive if you decided to become a better person?

Looking at just the fact that they made this decision you’re able to make a better decision by letting the relationship go.

I’ve written something similar but it’s step 2 in the process by taking these negative emotions and constructively using them.


View events for how they are to become a better decision-maker.

Do not look at things for how you wish they could be, because you will be disappointed and bitter.

Your expectations being greater than reality will lead to negative emotions that are not constructive.

What Is Intense Realism?