What Do I Do If My Pants Are Too Long?

I can’t believe I have to make this post, but my shorter colleagues are missing the benefits of just a small investment.

I observe small details about people (be observant), making it easier for me to spot something and build a connection.

Unfortunately my shorter guys out there, the mass-produced jeans, chinos, and dress pants will stop at 30 length, max 29 length.

Get Long Pants Hemed:

I’ve seen few who realize they can not walk around with their jeans stacked at the bottom because it makes you look shorter (also looks plain bad).

Most problems are never that pants (jeans, chinos, dress pants) are short majority of the time is that the length is too much.

Avoid long pants if you can buy them in your correct size for those who are 5’7 and above.

For shorter gentlemen, you will have to buy the shortest length you can and make sure the waist actually fits.

Next, you will have to use Yelp to find the nearest tailor to you. I would try and find the highest review at a medium to high price point.

All you need to say is, “I have never gotten my pants hem, what do you think will fit the best for me?”


The majority of my jeans I go with a half break, while I have a few with a full break to wear with boots.

Chinos, look the best with a half break at most or no break.

This is the same for dress pants, I prefer no break for all my dress pants (detailed explanation on pant breaks here).


Although I do believe that everyone has their own style, having long or stacked pants of any kind looks sloppy.

Especially on shorter gentlemen, you will look shorter.

If that is your style then that is fine. If you’re not a musician then it should not be your style.

Here is a YouTube channel with good fashion direction.

If you stay dressed sharp, people treat you differently. – URBNG