What Are The Best Basic Tees To Buy?

What are the best basic tee’s to buy?

It is essential to get your looks right for the upcoming spring/summer time when you will have all eyes on you.

I’ve been on a quest to find the best tee shirt to wear for the upcoming spring and summer season. 

I used to be a fan of simple logo/design tees but have found that they are not all that versatile for everyday wear.

The reality is that you can’t wear a black shirt with a large Gucci logo on the front around from brunch to dinner (Especially if you are hosting your own event).

Bang for your buck:

True Classic Tees:

Best option because of the price and overall quality. I had a chance to try the long sleeves and the sleeves are a little snug on the forearm (in my case).

The True Classic Tees are made out of very soft material that does not fade easily.

Soft material the white and black tees are great to wear on their own as well. 

You can’t beat the price at all when you can get a bulk pack. 


The basic black, white, and grey color t-shirts are sold out since there are many sales.

Decent Option:


Wyr has some pretty good tees with great material that is a lot thicker than the True Classic Tee’s. They fit more boxy (Not Snug). These are a more regular fit with the bottom being a tad on the shorter side but not a huge deal. I would buy the white tee’s again because they look and feel more expensive than they are.


I had purchased the black tee’s that were great for the first 5-7 washes before the black faded pretty noticeably (may have just been my detergent).

They do cost significantly more than the other basics here but worth it with the feel and look of the material.


ASOS: Basics (Especially the long sleeve)

The only good thing about these is that you can find packs of 5 for 20 dollars.

Cons: Very cheap material, won’t last you more than a few wears before they look beat up. These will be made for skinny guys the bottom is a bit short so they will not be flattering for anyone heavy.

In Conclusion:

Building a wardrobe is overwhelming when starting, but in the end should build your confidence.

High-quality basic tees are great because they can be dressed up (tucked into slacks, with a nice bomber jacket over and boots) or dressed down (Jeans black tee, and some Converse). 

My old friends and I used to buy shirts called “Pro Clubs” that were basic colors but the fit was not it.

Then you grow up and find out what works.

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