How Do I Accomplish My New Year’s Resolutions?

It has been over a week since the start of the New Year

You want to finally make a change in your life. Nowadays, a lot of you are attempting to get into shape.

Getting into shape is the same as being successful in anything, which took me many different ways of reading to figure out.

It all begins with a choice. 

You must first decide that you are going to commit to something. Constantly remind yourself that you decided you will reach the goal you set for yourself.

It’s a journey to get what you want and there are two ways of getting there with your actions.

This is all about improving yourself so that you can improve your situation. That is a great start to begin taking charge of your own life.

Making significant changes will happen in one of two ways. 


The first way is to start making small slow changes to your everyday lifestyle.

Continuing with the getting in shape example, you will make little changes to your daily habits. 

  • You decide to park a little further away from the entrance to your job (more steps).
  • You order a smaller meal instead of your typical XL (fewer calories).
  • You decide to replace your soda drinking with water. (no sugars)
  • You decide to do simple bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, and sit-ups. (strength training, you’ll start to feel like Bruce Lee)

You begin to make more small changes to your daily life and after 3 months straight I guarantee you will start to see a change.

You’ll most likely have a hard time sticking to it, but you must continue to remind yourself of your small commitment to the betterment of your life.

You’ll have many day 1’s but keep going and then you won’t realize it is day 90. 

Introducing smaller changes to your life in this way will help keep the anxiety away from the thought of making major changes.

This has the benefit of having lasting improvements because you would have developed positive habits that later you won’t know how else to live.


Have you seen the show where the chef insults, yells, and throws expired food at restaurant owners?

It’s only about a week of filming and he needs to make quick reality checks because of the constrained time. 

Sometimes it gets through to owners and then a change ends up happening at the end of the show and they go on to continue to be successful (very rarely).

You can make this significant change, making a complete 180 change to get the desired result. 

You as a human can make such changes, the same ones main characters make in movies.

Look at women who drink heavily or always have caffeine but once they become pregnant, there is a complete switch and stop.

You can choose to completely cut out all junk food, work out every single day, or stop drinking every weekend.

This type of lifestyle change is huge but with huge changes come huge results (usually quicker results).

It’s a challenging but very rewarding journey to see yourself overcome once you see enough results.


Momentum is the next most important step after deciding wholeheartedly with a burning desire to change your life.

The first way is easier to start momentum (like pushing a small car in neutral).

The second way is harder to gain momentum (pushing a truck in neutral).

These aren’t normal cars, once you get them going they will continue to get bigger but will not need more power to continue to move.

These cars will eventually be moving on their own, and you’ll be saying yes or no to things that don’t move you forward without needing to put any thought behind them.

Think about this next time you feel shame for not moving toward your New Year’s resolution.

The best is yet to come – UG