What Is The Nightlife Like In Salt Lake City Utah?

I Had a chance to make it out to Salt Lake City, Utah. Put a poll up asking people on X what they thought (here’s the poll)

I spent a few days roaming around the city, not during the wintertime, so don’t ask me about the snow.

I have a process when I get to a new city. I’ll break it down into 2 BASIC steps to make the most of your time and trip.

Step 1: Part of making the best out of your trips will start with not acting like an NPC.

Salt Lake City, Utah, has a small downtown. I feel this way because I could walk to all the points of interest from my downtown hotel.

Step 2: You should be doing is hitting your hotel bar for a quick drink. Tell the bartender what you usually like and ask them what they recommend, then ORDER IT.

Even if the drink is terrible, make sure you say it was good and thank you for recommending it (Get them on your side). Doing that will boost the mood of the conversation and will only help you later on at night and for the rest of your trip. 

Ask what places they recommend you check out. The first bar recommended to me was the following.

Whiskey Street

The Vibe: It’s a sit-down bar/restaurant with an energetic kick. Everyone was very attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I recommend this place if you want a good drink and dinner. This is a little too slow if you’re trying to party. 

It is a little bit of an older crown, 30+ so I wouldn’t spend much time here if you’re 25 or younger. 

When I get to a place I don’t normally order a full meal just an appetizer (nothing messy keep it light).

After a few jokes with the bartender, I am offered a taster of one of the specialty whiskeys (it comes down to being pretty friendly, and not expecting anything in return).

The next place recommended to me by the bartender at Whiskey Street was: 

High Horse Saloon

The Vibe: This felt more like a date spot, the reason being because it was 90% couples. I would not recommend it if you are out here solo.

I grabbed a quick drink and rolled out to the next place the bartender said would be fun. The bartender said I had to visit a few nightclubs/lounges.

Gem NightClub

The Vibe: I stopped by early at night to get a feel of what it would be like. I found a bartender who looked cool to chat up and establish a connection because I figured I would be coming back (I dropped a 20 for tip on one drink).

This joint was not very big, but there was a back space to smoke a cig or two.

A few bottle service girls caught my attention; if I come back, it’s to pick one of them up.

The demographic was more in their mid-late 20’s, and everyone was relatively laid back.

Echo Nightclub

The Vibe: It had an easygoing vibe, but most people working there weren’t looking the best or had a good vibe. 

If they are not excited to be making money, then it will most likely not be a poppin time.

Another important thing I noted was that the ratio was already not looking great (man 3 women 1), which meant I would bounce as soon as I finished half my drink (not worth wasting time).

At the end of the first night, I went back to Gem Nightclub since one of the bottle service girls I took shots with texted me to go back so she could take care of me. So I spent the rest of the night there before getting back to my room.


I ended up here by chance, so I would not recommend coming to Salt Lake City to do anything related to parties or clubs. The one person who voted was right about not coming out here (no surprise).

If you’ve been wanting to come out here, don’t let my experience change your mind. You should visit because you want to.

Keep exploring -UG