What You Should Do To Prepare For 2024?

Don’t be a miserable shit. There is so much to be grateful for. You must first accept and appreciate the place you are in, even if it is a shit hole section eight apartment or a 3 bedroom family home. 

The beginning does not matter as much. It’s all about where you end up.

Use your circumstances as a matter of beginning, not the end. 

How not to be an NPC, is meant to shed light on how you can behave like a non-playable character, but in the end you must start acting like someone who demands control on their life.

It’s the new year so many people are talking about a new year resolution. You say next year is my year, but why is that?

You should not need a make believe year to start to better yourself, there needs to be a tipping point. 

It shouldn’t take the new year for you to feel like it is the right time to make a change. 

It must come from within to feel that you have to make a change because you can’t get dressed without being winded.

Why as you an adult person getting winded while getting dressed? If that is the case then you have much larger problems (no pun intended).

It all starts physically, why would you want to be a billionaire at 90 when you can’t control when you shit. 

It makes no sense to me if you begin to try and make a million if you are overweight (I am being nice).

I want the best for you so what I am saying is that you must take care of yourself.

New Year of prosperity.

It’s annoying hearing people preach that you should not get tattoos because it’s god’s body, because it’s usually those same people that are overweight. 

I thought it was god’s body.

Don’t read any more of my articles until you get yourself right.