Project U-Gentleman 

We finally decided to start this blog spot where I can talk about my different experiences in my career, relationships, and nightlife. I spent most of my time exploring different restaurants, breweries, and other areas around the world.

This will serve as a place where I can share my perspective and insight on different topics, as I find it difficult to communicate with others around me who can’t see things the same way I do. I have been an individual who has always tried to be a better version of myself. Whether it was coming across Tai Lopez’s famous “Here in my garage” ads on YouTube and buying into his course or reading 10 different self-help books in less than a few months.

Coming across this path early in my life, made my relationships with my girlfriends difficult to manage as all I wanted to talk about was self-improvement hacks, mindsets, and advising on their problems (a huge mistake giving unsolicited advice while a girl is venting and ranting). 

More on the relationships in the future, but by no means am I an expert (maybe far from it but all I can say is knowing how to pair drinks with food will get you a long way). I simply want to share my life experience which someone may or may not find helpful. I also have spent so much time listening to all kinds of podcasts and reading a wide variety of self-improvement books (Yes like Tai’s courses) let me save